Franchisee testimonials


We chose the Driving Miss Daisy® after looking at a few mostly related to the travel industry. After finding Driving Miss Daisy® we soon determined it was something both of us could work in and we liked the idea behind it, and it fitted our personal outlook on life that it is important to help others. Becoming a part of the Driving Miss Daisy® system has definitely changed our lives. We absolutely enjoy what we do and cannot see ourselves doing anything else. We have many daily highs with the joy and happiness of our clients in maintaining a level of independence.

Alastair Great Malvern


I wanted to do something in my later years that has tangible impact on the local community. I liked the idea of embracing and growing a “template business” rather than starting from scratch. Becoming a franchisee per se has not changed my life. But starting and running this franchise in the local community has. I was a globetrotting unknown resident with a sleepover home in the town. Now, I am a known, respected business owner in the community, and I provide a valuable service to people in need. To be recognised by strangers in the street and told you are doing a great job is an amazing experience!

Paul Devizes


Going down the franchise route was not a conscious decision. We both bought into the idea of the services and the difference we could make to our community whilst making some money. Building a business has been really interesting and we have learnt LOADS! It has been a journey which we would not have experienced if we hadn’t gone into franchising.

Jocelyn Farnham

Driving Miss Daisy®