The process

Setting up your own business – the franchise ownership process

Setting up your own business with Driving Miss Daisy®  follows a process. Our proven franchise model starts with a 60-day selection process, and this page looks at it in more detail.


Days 1 t0 12 – initial enquiries

Stage 1: Enquiry, first dialogue, provision of information: Day 1 to Day 5
After the initial enquiry we will call you to confirm we have an available territory. We find out your timescales for starting your new business and find out your suitability for what we do. We will send you our online information pack including Franchise Prospectus.

Stage 2: Follow up and opportunity to ask first round of questions: Day 6
One of our Directors will call you to answer your initial questions and find out a bit more about you.

Stage 3: First meeting face-to-face: Day 9
We will meet with you face-to-face in person or online. We will discuss our business in more detail and conduct our selection interview. You will of course have the opportunity to also ask more questions. Providing both parties wish to move forward we move to Stage 4.

Stage 4: Completing the Expression of Interest Form: Day 12
The Expression of Interest Form allows us to capture key information about you. It also opens up the opportunity for us to share with you financial information.


Days 13 to 31 – the details

Stage 5: Sharing financial information such as cash flow and profit estimates: Day 15
This happens face to face in person or face-to-face online depending on your location. We will always attempt to meet with you in person.

Stage 6: Issue of territory proposal: Day 22
We will provide you with a proposed territory map. Electoral wards and population size determine a franchise territory.

Stage 7: Agreement on territory: Day 24
We will expect to finalise the territory with you so we can move to a formal offer of the franchise.

Stage 8: Franchise Offer and request deposit: Day 25
We will confirm by email that we are offering you a franchise. We also request a deposit to secure the territory to be paid within 5 days.

Stage 9: Issue of Draft Franchise Agreement: Day 32
We issue you with the Draft Franchise Agreement and recommended franchise lawyers. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions document to send to the lawyer. You now have 28 days to complete your legal due diligence.

Stage 10: Finalise agreement: Day 60
Upon finalising the agreement, the balance of the Franchise Fee is due. Bound printed copies of the Franchise Agreement are sent to you for signature.

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Setting up your own business

Setting up your own business

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