Performance capability

Business Performance Capability

As far as performance capability goes, the Driving Miss Daisy® business model is tried and tested with over 25 years of operations in 4 countries. We offer a unique service in a rapidly expanding market. The opportunities in the support sector are significant, thereby offering an excellent franchise opportunity.


Performance Capability – the model

At Stage 4 of the process, you will sign the Expression of Interest Form. We then go through the indicative franchise financial model, to show 5-year growth. This model is then flexed to become your bespoke model for business forecast and targets. Consequently, how your financial model looks depends on various performance capabilities:

• What are your ambitions as a business owner?
• What do you want your business to look like in 5 years?
• How will you structure your business for growth?
• What financial investment is required?
• Which sectors in the community will you offer your service to?


Performance Capability – your franchise set-up

Each franchisee has a preference on how they will run their area. Clearly, this in turn influences the performance capability of your franchise. For example, preferences may include;

  • Building a fleet of cars and drivers to serve whole towns and communities
  • Running multiple franchises across a region
  • Starting with one car and building the fleet as demand grows
  • Starting with 2 or more cars for quicker traction in the market
  • Being an owner-driver and delivering the service yourself
  • Having an owner-managed business, concentrating on building business. For example, this could include using a Franchise Manager to run operations and help grow it, too.


Performance Capability – your efforts

  • Individual franchisee performance influences the success of the franchise
  • The hours required to dedicate to a franchise are the same as a full-time job. In the start-up phase, often more
  • Embracing the franchise training and methods is important
  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is essential. Furthermore, how you utilise your strengths and manage weaknesses will affect business outcomes

Driving Miss Daisy® are unable to guarantee any level of financial achievement. Individual franchisee performance will significantly influence the success of the franchise.

Business Performance Capability

Business performance capability depends on various factors

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