Financial investment

Franchise financial investment – the Licence Fee

Driving Miss Daisy®’s selection process outlines each step to awarding a franchise. The franchise financial investment starts with the payment of a deposit, at Stage 8. Upon successful completion of the process, you will be awarded a franchise. Therefore, at this point, the balance of the franchisee fee is due.

Franchise fees vary depending on the size of the territory with our smallest franchise starting at £5,000 plus VAT ( terms and conditions apply ).

As a franchisor, we have secured competitive finance packages with financial institutions. Furthermore, the financial institutions will look to fund up to 70% of the total investment required. These packages can assist with purchasing the Licence Fee and your business set-up. Therefore, if required, please ask about these options.

Franchise financial investment – additional considerations

    • You will require a liveried, fit-for-purpose vehicle for your services. Most franchisees choose a wheelchair accessible vehicle as their first vehicle. Using lease-purchase is the route most people take. Driving Miss Daisy® works with you to deliver the option you want and organises the livery of the car.
    • Driving Miss Daisy® has negotiated a comprehensive and competitve business insurance cover. We will give you these details and make the introduction, if you wish.
    • Ordering your Driving Miss Daisy® uniform in a timely way to be ready for operational launch. The start-up package includes some uniform, but you may wish to order more.
    • Your fee provides you with the marketing materials required to launch and start your business. However, you may decide to supplement these materials with extra items.
    • An important consideration is your working capital as per your individual business plan.
    • Finally, there are Local Authority fees for registering your franchise in your area. You require an Operator’s Licence, a Vehicle Licence and a Driver’s Licence. We will help and support you through this process.


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