The market

Your franchise business market

The Driving Miss Daisy® franchise business market is diverse and broad. Our clients encompass a wide demographic across various segments of society. With training, support and guidance, you will have a plan to grow revenue in the segments you choose.


The sandwich generation

Booking Driving Miss Daisy® services often comes from people in their 30s, 40s and 50s. They juggle full-time careers, a growing family of their own and have elderly relatives. Parents may not live in the same geographical area, adding even more stress.

The sandwich generation are time-poor; hence our services are so important and relied upon.

Driving Miss Daisy®’s motto is, ‘We’re family when family can’t be there’. This is particularly relevant to the sandwich generation. We help busy working mums get their children to and from school and activities. Likewise, we act as the safe, trusted family support for elderly relatives and even take pets to the vet!


Our ageing population

The sector with the greatest need is the ageing population. According to Age UK, there are currently 11 million people aged 65 or over in the UK and 3 million aged 80 or over. By 2030 the projected population over 65 will pass the 20 million mark.

A consequence of ageing usually involves giving up driving at some point. However, when people do not drive, they can experience a restriction in lifestyle choices. As a result, isolation and loneliness can prevail, often leading to ill-health. Furthermore, one-fifth of older people say they have no close friends at all.

This franchise business market offers massive growth potential. Services like taking people to appointments or going on social outings can literally, change lives.


Specialist home-to-holiday service

Working with holiday companies, we provide their customers with a home-to-holiday transportation service. Often, these services are for disabled guests and their families. Physical disabilities requiring a wheelchair find our wheelchair accessible vehicles invaluable.

Social anxiety can mean people lack the confidence to go on holiday; we can help. Mental health challenges can be a barrier to going out, and again, our companion drivers help.



People living with dementia and their families, use Driving Miss Daisy®. Importantly, all drivers are Dementia Friends, and our understanding and companionship services are sought-after. We take and accompany clients to appointments, taking notes for the family if asked. We act as a trusted transport service to day care centres and take people on social outings.


Contract business

As a franchise business, contracts provide a consistent income, so many franchisees tender for contracts, e.g. school runs, to support business growth.

The franchise business market is broad and diverse

The Driving Miss Daisy® franchise business market is broad and diverse.



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