Driving Miss Daisy® Territories

We currently have franchises operating across the UK. We cover from Glasgow  to the Isle of Wight, from Barnstaple to Lowestoft. The growing demand for Driving Miss Daisy® services comes from across the UK.

Our vision is to have Driving Miss Daisy® covering every city, town, conurbation and rural area in the UK.


Allocation of territories

Geography, population demographics and franchise clusters (areas where there is more than one franchise) define territories. Franchise clusters are areas where there is more than one franchise. Taking all factors into consideration, agreement with the prospective franchisee takes place before approving the proposed territory.

Allocation of franchise territories allows for franchise growth and franchisee ambitions. Ensuring the community is appropriately serviced is also a factor in determining an area. Demand for services is such that we have franchise opportunities in all areas of the UK and in 2021 Ireland as well.

As with most areas in the UK, the area you live in will benefit from a Driving Miss Daisy® service. Are you interested in owning your own home-based business? If so, fill in the form on this page and our business development team will be in touch. Alternatively, you can always give us a call on 0333 014 6211.



Driving Miss Daisy®