Franchise for a day

Franchise for a day

Seriously considering a Driving Miss Daisy® franchise? We offer the opportunity to spend time with an operating franchisee. You can experience first-hand the work we do and difference we make to people’s lives. It will show you how rewarding driving and companionship with Driving Miss Daisy® can be.

Where possible, you will get to spend a day with a franchisee. You will accompany them on journeys and attend client meetings. This gives you an overview of how their franchise operates on a day to day basis. This will enable you to get candid answers from a franchisee perspective to any questions you might have. Time spent with ‘Franchise for a day’ demonstrates the skills needed by a franchisee. This allows you to make an informed decision as to whether a Driving Miss Daisy® franchise is for you.

To apply for this experience, please talk to the business development team. ‘Franchise for a day’ occurs once the recruitment process is underway and your deposit has been paid.


Observe, learn and ask questions

Where possible, we will arrange for you to spend time with a franchisee located near to you. Please note, this cannot be guaranteed and an alternative may be offered.

Your time with a franchise depends very much on the clients and the work carried out. As a result, it is possible that your time with a franchise will take place over more than one day.

Spending time with a franchise will be an invaluable experience. Observing a franchisee and asking questions will certainly help you with decision-making. A key outcome will be ideas to guide you to what type of franchise model you would like.

It will certainly give you first-hand experience of exactly what Driving Miss Daisy® is about, and why our services are needed so.

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