7 gift ideas for a loved one in remission from cancer

17 Jan 2018

You’ve got the best news possible – your loved one no longer has cancer. Consequently, a huge weight has been lifted and relief is felt by you and all that are close to them. Even though there’s still anxiety about what the future will hold for now you want to celebrate. And what better way to do that then by giving your loved one a gift? But what is an appropriate gift for someone who is in remission? Even though we act as companions and drivers for a number of people that have been affected by cancer, we actually weren’t too sure either. So we asked our clients!

The following seven gift ideas are a compilation of our client’s suggestions, personal experience and internet research that our companions and drivers have conducted. Some are physical gifts, like jewellery and badges. Whilst others are actions or behaviours that you can implement whilst your loved one is coming to terms with what they’ve been through.

1. Continued support

Continued support is the most important gift you could ever give someone that has been treated for cancer, beaten the odds and come out the other side. Hence making it number one in our list.

There’s an alarming trend for people to think that as soon as someone has ‘beaten’ cancer that they are in perfect health. But actually, cancer treatment can cause a number of additional medical problems that someone in remission may perhaps have to live with for the rest of their life.

In addition to the impact on physical health, the period after the ‘all clear’ diagnosis may ultimately be a time of reflection – your loved one may be coming to terms with what they’ve been through emotionally and it’s likely that this could bring up some mixed feelings.

Take some time to offer your loved one emotional support and in some cases help with their daily activities, we guarantee it will be appreciated!

3. Pins and badges

Usually in a small and subtle form, pins and badges can act as a emblem of your loved one’s achievement. We’ve scoured the internet for the best pins out there and these three are our favourites:
Ribbon Awareness Carbon Fibre Lapel Pin  £15.45
Hello I’m a survivor enamel pin badge £5.92
Cancer survivor humor button £4.50

3. Books

In this period of reflection your loved one may start to concentrate more on their mental health and diet.

We were recommended a number of healthy eating cookbooks by our clients that are in remission. After thorough research we have chosen ‘Mindful Chef’ by Miles Hopper and Giles Humphries as one of our gift ideas.

‘Mindful Chef’ is jam-packed full of loads of healthy recipes and information on why each dish is so healthy. Available from most book retailers for a price between £10 -£20.

In addition to healthy eating your loved one might be in need of some inspiration for trying new experiences.  Most noteworthy of the different options out there is a fantastic book called ‘Picture your life after cancer’ published by The New York Times.

A number of people recovering from cancer recommended ‘Picture your life after cancer’ to us. Available from most online book retailers for a price between £10-£20.

4. Space

Usually, cancer comes with months of being poked and prodded in hospitals. A person’s health can become a public topic of discussion and naturally your loved one may be craving some alone time. We’ve been told that one of the best gifts a cancer-survivor has received is the space to heal and work out who they are again.

However, this doesn’t mean to say that you should just let them get on with it without any support! Sometimes just letting someone know that you’re there for them (with the occasional check-in) can be all that’s needed.

5. Jewellery

Jewellery has been used for centuries as an expression of affection. In some cases, it has even been worn to show that a person is affiliated with a particular group. Which is why we think that jewellery may well be one of the most appropriate gifts for someone that’s had cancer.

Jewellery always means something right? And there are loads of options to choose from! You could go for some simple studs, or an engraved bracelet or perhaps an addition to a charm bracelet. We’ve chosen two very different jewellery choices that are just lovely.

 Silver Reef knot bangle from Cancer Research £12.00

Awareness necklace by silverdragonfly260 on Etsy £30.11 (available in a variety of colours and designs)

6. Slogan t-shirts

Like badges, t-shirts can be a great way to advertise that your loved one has survived cancer. Here’s a couple of fun options we’ve found on the internet:

 This is what an awesome cancer survivor looks like by Spread Shirt £18.97

 Fearless women’s t-shirt from Marks and Spencer

 7. Spa day

After weeks, months or even years of treatment your loved one may be in need of some reflective time to relax. We think a spa day could be a great way give them the chance to do just this.

There are countless spas around the UK with most hotels offering a day spa package or something similar.

A number of websites offer discounted spa days and getaways. Check out GroupOnWowcher and Highlife for a great selection.

Cancer is a different experience for everyone that’s ever been affected by it and we all have different tastes. Thus, it may be that none of the above suggestions are appropriate for your loved one. The best advice we can give is to go with your gut and trust your instincts. You know your loved one best after all.


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