Our franchises have increased in value!

4 Sep 2017
Franchise price increase

As of Monday 2nd October the cost of buying a new franchise will be increasing to £20,000 plus VAT.

Why the franchise price increase?

Driving Miss Daisy UK has expanded rapidly over the last 3 years and our brand awareness is increasing daily.

This is down to the amazing work our ‘Daisies’ have been doing! Not only have their efforts increased brand recognition but have also established demand in areas without a service. This means that we now have a register of potential clients that are ready to use Driving Miss Daisy.

In addition to the above, we are becoming more highly regarded and recommended by numerous organisations. These include Age UK and Alzheimer’s Society to name just a couple and are building excellent relationships with many others.

We have also established (and are continuing to develop) an efficient and cost-effective supply chain for everything a franchisee may need.

Because of this exposure the value of the brand has significantly increased and the price is being raised so that it is in line with other similar-sized organisations. This will allow us to develop Driving Miss Daisy more rapidly in the UK. Where we can invest in growth and technology and create more opportunities for the current and future team.

How can I retain the lower price?

Franchisees that pay a deposit by 23:59 on Sunday 1st October will only pay the current £15,000 cost. Initially, this is provided they complete the onboarding process within a 21-day period. However we can be flexible, so please contact us to discuss your options if you are interested in opening a franchise.

Speak to us today!

We’re hoping to service every community in the UK and are always on the lookout for new franchisees. Please contact us on 0333 014 6211 or fill in the contact us form if you are interested to learn more.

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