My daisy adventures

16 Oct 2017

Peter’s and Pauline’s story

“It has been about two years since Driving Miss Daisy came into my life and what a difference the company has made. The year my wife Pauline died, 2015, was a year I would not want to live through again and it was only Driving Miss Daisy that changed everything for me.

“I would have liked my wife Pauline to have had the chance to meet the Daisies as I am sure they would have got on well together and we cold have gone on my adventures together. The service you get from the Daisy team would have been just what Pauline needed as she was a paraplegic and in a wheelchair permanently, you have to look a long way to find other taxis that do what the Driving Miss Daisy team do.”

Peter’s trips

“My adventures with the Driving Miss Daisy Hayling Island team have been many and varied, quite a few being all day trips. You might think being out and about from eight or nine am until five or six pm in a taxi would be a bit tiring, but I don’t find it so. This is because they are very good company and seem to be as enthusiastic as I am about all my interests.

“My main interests revolve around all things mechanical and electrical, especially if steam is involved. I have become a life member of the Waterways & Steam Museum in London and am about to visit it for the third time. It has one of the largest collections of steam pumping engines in the country, or possibly the world. My visits to places like that are so much more enjoyable with a Driving Miss Daisy driver as I know they are there for me and will look after my every need. I am a registered blind person and not very stable on my feet – using a stick or walking frame to help – but the knowledge that I have a Daisy driver with me watching my every move gives me the confidence to do these things and feel safe.

“Not all of my adventures are so demanding! Some are concert trips where it is just good to have someone with you that’s just a good friend and companion and helps you get to your seat for the concert.

“Whatever the trip is you can be sure you will be looked after and cared for by someone who will become a good fried every time you use Driving Miss Daisy.”

Would you like to get involved?

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