New Franchise – Renclyde

2 Apr 2019
new franchise - Renclyde

Danny and Christine McIntyre own Driving Miss Daisy®’s new franchise in Renclyde. Danny and Christine from Kilmacolm, Inverclyde, are the second Driving Miss Daisy® franchise in Scotland. They have recently sold their recruitment business, which prompted the buy. Danny says, ‘We were looking for a new challenge. We wanted to combine my 40 years’ experience in the business world and Christine’s experience within the nursing and care sector’. Danny added, ‘And it soon became clear that Driving Miss Daisy® more than fitted the bill!’ Our main passion in life is our son, Cameron, who is at university in Edinburgh. Our other passion is our two Labradoodles, Sandy and Marvin’.

The new franchise and the Glasgow franchise

The Renclyde franchise sits alongside the Glasgow one. This gives better coverage in the region and offers clients flexibility with bookings. Ann Overdijking, Glasgow franchise, says, ‘The Driving Miss Daisy® brand extends its presence! This is good for clients and I look forward to working with Renclyde.’

An interview with Danny and Christine

Danny and Christine gave a video interview about their decision-making process. We wanted to know why they chose Driving Miss Daisy® and what their hopes are for their new business.
It is a personal account of their journey through the process, and the choices made.

Choosing this particular business – key points

It may be a new business, but there are some answers that mirror other franchisees and it will help to read the booklet on ‘Choosing a Driving Miss Daisy® Franchise‘.

  • Driving Miss Daisy® appeals to the heart and new franchisees want to provide a great service that benefits their community.
  • The business model we use and the support given, is a quicker route to growing a business. It’s proven and it works.
  • Driving Miss Daisy® is unique, and franchisees come from many different backgrounds.

Danny and Christine’s interview can be viewed here;

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