Push-along pet carriers

20 Nov 2017
Pet carrier

“Recently, I spoke with a lady that lived in an area where we don’t currently have a service. She had a visual impairment and would be having her driving licence taken away soon so was keen for us to help her with a short journey to take her cat to the vet.

“I really wanted to help her in any way I could even if we weren’t up and running in her area, so I asked if she had considered using a push-along pet carrier. This would enable her to take her cat to the vet herself and retain her independence.

“She was so pleased with the suggestion, as she had never heard of a push-along pet carrier, and asked how much they were. Obviously this isn’t the sort of information I usually have to hand and so I did a Google search and gave her some example prices and information. The lady was ecstatic that there could be another option for her and said that she would let me know how she got on.

“Sometimes I love that my job enables me to help others and think outside the box!”

– Jenni Stevens, Client Services Administrator

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