Surrey Regional Developer interview with RNIB

18 Sep 2017
Blind or partially sighted

A large proportion of Driving Miss Daisy’s clients are blind or partially sighted.

Regional Developer and franchise owner Jocelyn Close was invited to speak on The Weekly Connect – the Royal National Institute of the Blind’s (RNIB) podcast that discusses what it’s like to live with sight loss.

Jocelyn was interviewed by rock-climber Red Szell, the first blind person to scale the Old Man of Hoy. She told listeners about the support Driving Miss Daisy could give to people that are blind or partially sighted.


Aunt Trish and Driving Miss Daisy’s beginnings

Jocelyn went into detail about the story behind Driving Miss Daisy. Founder Mel Harper was regularly driving her elderly Aunt Trish around her local town in New Zealand. Aunt Trish always felt indebted to Mel and offered to pay a neighbour to take her out, rather than relying on the help of family members. This was an eye-opening moment for Mel. She saw that there was a real opportunity here to give people back their independence by enabling them to get out and about with someone they trust.

How Driving Miss Daisy can help people with sight loss

Jocelyn also told Red about the close associations Driving Miss Daisy has with the Macular Society and Blind Veterans Association.

She communicated how our drivers can give clients any assistance that they might need. This can include helping a client getting in and out of the car or guiding to the reception or relevant department for an appointment. In her words “nothing is too much trouble”.

“We have one client who is registered blind. And it enables her to get the brand of peaches that she loves. It enables her to get the longest sell by dates… People have so much trust in us that they trust us to pay for their shopping.”


Click here to listen to the full interview.

Jocelyn owns the Driving Miss Daisy Farnham alongside business partner Tori Lumb. To find out more about what they’ve been up to in Surrey please visit their Facebook page.

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