A message from UK founder Paul

12 Sep 2017
Ada and Paul

“We are approaching the three year anniversary of Driving Miss Daisy establishing in the UK. As some are aware it was my wife Ada who first sighted a “Daisy” vehicle in Auckland, New Zealand. This started the chain of events leading to where we are today – fast approaching 40 franchises across the country. We even had representatives from five new franchises attending training last week.”

“Now at the point of 69 years on the planet, reflecting on the past is inevitable. Without a doubt Driving Miss Daisy is the most rewarding thing that myself and Ada have ever engaged in. In fact it is the only business venture that I have been involved in that Ada has emotionally supported and participated in.”

“To this day Ada still works for the original franchise in Lee-on-the-Solent. She is out now as I write this collecting a vulnerable young lady from college which is one of the service’s many regular engagements.”

“Myself and Ada are more enthused now than at any time over the last three years! All of our franchises are making a significant difference to our communities and we are receiving many requests coming into our Client Services Centre on a daily basis for our service, many in areas where we have yet to establish a franchise! The word is most definitely out and we need to establish new Daisies at a faster rate.”

– Paul Nuth, UK Founder

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