The Wiltshire franchises present to 50+ occupational therapists

30 Jul 2017

Recently the Wiltshire Team have attended a number of events in their local area. Regional Developer Mel Turner had this to say about one such event in mid-June. The group presented to a large number of occupational therapists working for Wiltshire’s Adult Social Care Group:

“Wonderfully, during our presentation a lady put up her hand and said; “you’re talking about my dad”. This is our client whose father we assist with all his medical appointments as he lives independently with dementia. At the end of the presentation she came up and hugged me, thanking us for such a wonderful service. We had enable her to put her mind at rest, knowing that he is safe with us. She also thanked us for the detailed updates we send her on each appointment which are invaluable to her”.

“There were two other occasions that morning. Another lady raised her hand to say that one of her clients is part of a group of ladies that the gentleman from Devizes takes out every week. I was proud to say that Paul was with them at that moment. It led us in to explain the reduced price for multi passengers! The third was a question about pets to vets. As Emma has regularly taken an elderly lady with her rescue cat to the vet, she recounted the story… and another OT in the room knew the lady being talked of.”


It’s fantastic to see our franchisees and Regional Developers being proactive in talking to people about the service. It’s particularly heart-warming to hear the personal connections our drivers and companions are making. Driving Miss Daisy really does make a difference to people’s lives.

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