Business support

Business support

Business support is available from the moment you sign your Franchise Contract. As well as the initial training programme, there is ongoing support.


Client Services Centre (CSC)

An invaluable service that franchisees benefit from, is the CSC Team. Based at Head Office, the team answer all calls from new potential clients and referrers in your area.

They sympathetically take their requirements and pass the details to you. In effect, they act as your dedicated call centre ensuring you don’t miss a lead. This is especially useful if you are busy driving, or in a meeting. Consequently, clients have a listening ear, and faith in the service consistency.


Committed business mentoring

Following initial training, there is a programme of business mentoring. This ensures you put into place all you have learned and helps keep your business plan on track.

Business mentoring gives you a platform to discuss concerns and talk through ideas. Furthermore, it is also good for sharing your successes. Your mentor will appreciate the effort put in to achieve it!

If you have not run a business before, your mentor acts as a useful ‘checklist’ whilst you get to grips with things.


UK Alliances

When you buy a franchise, one of the key benefits is being part of something bigger. Likewise, the brand we license to you is clearly a very important part of that. That’s why we are investing considerably into the Driving Miss Daisy® brand. This includes national and local PR, and relevant advertising, especially through social media. There are brand building initiatives including increasing our Alliances with other organisations. Franchisees benefit from these national Alliances. For example; providing

  • patient transport to support GP surgeries and hospitals
  • home-to-holiday services for the travel industry
  • support to social services, residential homes and local authority school transport contracts.

Here are a few of the national organisations we work with.


Alliances and business support

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