Marketing support and training

Marketing attracts clients. More marketing equates to more business.

Marketing your business franchise is not difficult. It involves various activities and approaches. The key to success is to carry out marketing in a consistent way.


Marketing training

Covering marketing in detail takes place at the initial training sessions. A key outcome is the production of a 90-day programme to kick-start your business. Additionally, we cover the skills needed to support your marketing, e.g. the elevator pitch.

In training, we share best practice and look at what works with existing franchises. Equally important, we look at the national marketing programme and how it supports your franchise.

Your marketing begins the moment you are awarded your franchise. You will ‘warm up’ your market ready for your launch date. In other words, your aim is to be generating revenue from day 1.


National marketing

Driving Miss Daisy®’s marketing programme works to achieve several outcomes:

  • Building the brand into a national household name is a primary goal. The demand for our services exists; we just need to tell everyone! Perhaps the most visible aspect of achieving this, is our service website, Together with our social media presence, the website generates significant awareness and enquiries. We have a PR programme that focuses on ‘telling the story’. In other words, how our service changes lives for the better.
  • We actively develop relationships with regional and national companies. These relationships are with various sectors. For example, the specialist holiday market and the care industry. Becoming a trusted supplier with these alliances provides work throughout the franchise network. This is an important outcome of our marketing work.
  • Additionally, to support the above two points and to attract franchise interest, we do other activities. These include various regional and national exhibitions and shows. Furthermore, we advertise online and in print and carry out presentations and talks.


Marketing support

Supporting your marketing to build your business is important. Besides the training, Driving Miss Daisy® helps by

  • Creating you your own franchise Facebook Page. This is a powerful way to show your community what you do. It attracts enquiries and creates awareness. Franchisees use it to generate interest from potential drivers. We provide training on how to use this, both from how to actually use it, to advising on the best posts to use. Your Facebook Page is the face of your business.
  • Providing you with an initial marketing toolbox to launch your franchise with. It includes leaflets and flyers, promotional items, banner and presentation, among other items.
  • Helping you with presentations you get invited to, especially the initial ones you do. This support ranges from helping you prepare the presentation, to physically attending with you.
  • Mentoring support as described on the business support page. This really helps you stay on track with a consistent approach.
  • Local and regional PR. If you supply the material, we will turn it into news worthy items and submit them for you. Coupled with your Facebook Page, PR is a powerful marketing tool.



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