I.T. underpins and supports all aspects of work in Driving Miss Daisy® and in your franchise.


Helping franchise operations

A key tool used in your franchise is the Driving Miss Daisy® technology system. You will receive training and support on this system as it is integral to your day-to-day work.

Importantly, the software is necessary for compliance with Private Hire regulations. Local Authority Licensing Officers have the right to do compliance checks. This ensures each franchise is working within the legal framework.

It is central to your booking system. And it shows deployment of drivers and vehicles. Above all, understanding the utilisation of vehicles and drivers becomes crucial as you grow. The software is also your client management and invoicing system.

Software tracks and measures performance. Measurement of key business metrics is easy. Moreover, this gives you an up-to-date picture of your business at any time. And importantly, this information is used for business planning and future projections.


Supporting your marketing

We provide you with a standard email signature. This is for consistancy of branding and maintaining a professional identity.
Driving Miss Daisy® uses Office 365, and part of this suite is SharePoint. SharePoint is used for storing franchise documents and marketing materials. Use of this I.T. platform for operations and marketing, will support and help business growth. As well as being a central repositor, you will have your own area for storage. This keeps your business information in one place. Also, it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Franchisees have access to the Driving Miss Daisy® online purchasing portal. Here, you can order uniform, marketing collateral and promotional items. This is a useful ‘one-stop shop’ and is an effective way of ordering.

Additionally, we use a text messaging system to send you details of potential clients that call CSC. As a result, if you are busy or driving, you never miss possible business.




Driving Miss Daisy®