Franchisee testimonials


Melanie, (my business partner), and I were both attracted to Driving Miss Daisy® as we realised it was a service we would like for our parents and grandparents, particularly in challenging times when we were juggling the stresses of caring for sick relatives in different parts of the country with a busy family life of our own.

We were shocked with how close we would become to our clients and them to us. It was surprising to realise, when hearing a client the night before an outing on the phone telling you how much they have been looking forward to the trip all week, that you have been looking forward to a catch up with them too. That was something that surprised us both!

Natalie King's Lynn


My partner, Sharon and I have always been interested in running our own business and we came across Driving Miss Daisy®. It immediately grabbed our interest with the concept and how we could make a difference to people’s lives in our community.  It is personally rewarding as well as satisfying our ambition of running our own business.

We chose Driving Miss Daisy® because of the concept and strong brand and it was growing more successful. For us, this an investment. We will grow it into something that will be truly a good proposition for someone else to take on when we retire.

Mark Barnstaple


An initial reason for doing this was to get a work/life balance; i.e. to work locally. Likewise, I wanted to put into practice all my experience gained over the years. I wanted to have a business with a unique selling proposition and recognisable brand. Then I looked at the industry and its future.

The big surprise is how rewarding it is when customers are so grateful for the service they receive! Many customers suffer with illness, old age, or isolation – and we’ve been able to help put a smile back on their faces. All of which makes you realise the positive impact you can have on others less fortunate.

Nigel Ipswich

Driving Miss Daisy®