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Driving Miss Daisy® has over 30 franchises operating across the UK. Our proven franchise model helped franchisees carry out over 53,000 journeys in 2018. Franchisees increased revenue by 75% and client acquisition by 31%. Not to mention, a new vehicle was added to the UK fleet every 10 days.

We have franchises from Glasgow to the Isle of Wight and are looking to recruit franchisees to meet the demand for our services.


A number of years ago, Melanie Harper started driving her Aunt Trish to appointments in Havelock North, New Zealand. Trish no longer drove herself and she enjoyed the companionship of Melanie driving her to her appointments. In 2008 Melanie and her husband Jack started thinking about providing the service on a broader scale across New Zealand and developed a business system which they named Driving Miss Daisy®.

The business was officially launched on 5th May 2009 and they now have in excess of 75 franchises successfully operating across New Zealand.

A Proven Model - Driving Miss Daisy Keighley

Driving Miss Daisy® Keighley



Driving Miss Daisy® has 3 Phases (P1, P2 and P3) to take you from your first enquiry to achieving a healthy profit.

P1 – First, our 60-day selection process from Enquiry to Contract (Franchise Ownership). It takes 60 days, on average, to complete the process of becoming the owner of your franchise. A more detailed explanation of P1 is covered on the Process page.

P2 – Contract to being Operational. This is the date you are legally able to trade. It encompasses Local Authority licensing activities, selecting your first vehicle and training. The Driving Miss Daisy® Operations Director and the team lead this process. Moreover, the P2 process starts in earnest once P1 is complete.

P3 – Finally, from Operational to being Profitable. This encompasses the activities of gathering your first clients. As a matter of fact, marketing starts in your local area around 6 weeks before you become operational. Coupled with this, you will have a Support Programme guiding you to achieve your business plan.

Driving Miss Daisy®