Franchisee testimonials


Do good. Yesterday, I took a regular client and her adult daughter to a large second-hand book shop for a browse, it was less than ¼ mile from their home but neither could walk easily, so it was a bit of an outing for them, although it was only a short trip at the end of the day. It was only whilst I was helping the daughter into the shop that I discovered that it was the first time in four years that she had left the house and felt safe to do so. It’s nice to make a difference.



Have fun. Mr Watson says I make his day, being his Daisy. Well if the truth be known, he makes mine. A wonderful companion, great company. We do put the world to rights during our time together. Thank you Mr Watson and I’ll see you next week.



I used to work in the travel industry and my husband in banking but we wanted to run our own business and were particularly interested in working in the care industry. Driving Miss Daisy provides us with the opportunity to make a difference in the community. Our clients become friends and often we work with families too, all of which makes our working day rewarding and enjoyable!

Claire Bromley

Driving miss Daisy®