The market

The Driving Miss Daisy franchise opportunity has a broad client base encompassing a wide demographic: from helping busy working mums get their children to and from school to accompanying an elderly person to a medical appointment or arranging a social outing for a group of care home residents.

Whilst Driving Miss Daisy works across all segments of society, the sector with the greatest need is the ageing population. According to Age UK, there are currently 11 million people aged 65 or over in the UK and 3 million aged 80 or over, this is projected to pass the 20 million mark by 2030.

Not only are our communities rapidly aging, but people with disabilities are also facing more isolation than ever before. When people cannot drive, or choose not to, they can experience a restriction in their lifestyle choices as well as isolation and loneliness.

The demand comes not only from the clients themselves, but also from their relatives who in our experience, are most commonly their sons and daughters. This ‘sandwich generation’ juggle careers, a growing family of their own and may have elderly parents and relatives who are often not in the same geographical area.

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