Case studies

Ringwood franchise

“There is a genuine bond of trust that develops over time”

Jo Miller, owner of Driving Miss Daisy Ringwood franchise, answers some questions about her journey as a Driving Miss Daisy franchisee so far. Why did you open a Driving Miss Daisy Ringwood franchise......


Andover: “It is rewarding and gives great self-satisfaction as well as helping those less fortunate.”

Cammie Phillips, owner of Driving Miss Daisy Andover, answers some questions about her experience so far with Driving Miss Daisy. What attracted you to Driving Miss Daisy? The opportunity to help my......

Stockton & Middlesbrough: “I’ve extended my family and have acquired a number of ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles'”

Rachel Scott owns and manages the Driving Miss Daisy Stockton & Middlesbrough service, which is one our most successful franchises.Rachel explains what drew her to Driving Miss Daisy and her e......

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