Driving Miss Daisy Didcot Safely Chauffeur a Chauffeur’s Wife to his funeral during the COVID-19 lockdown

11 Jan 2021

Driving Miss Daisy Didcot was contacted by the daughter of Mr and Mrs B. M. H. in May, desperately in need of suitable mobility transport to chauffeur her mother safely and securely to her late husband’s funeral. Despite having only recently started up the specialist assisted transportation and companionship service before COVID19 struck, it did not deter them, and they remained focussed on supporting the Didcot and surrounding areas communities however they could, during these unprecedented times. With strict Driving Miss Daisy hygiene protocols in place, Zororo was able to reassure the family that Driving Miss Daisy was the obvious choice to chauffeur Mrs H to her husband’s (also a Chauffeur) funeral. Zororo collected Mrs H from the community hospital where she was residing, took her to the family home and then followed the hearse to the crematorium. Zororo was supportive throughout the journey, pointing out to Mrs H how many people had come out to line the streets to offer their condolences and show their respects to her husband, to which Mrs H fondly commented “Mr H would be smiling seeing all these people”. The added value and safety that Driving Miss Daisy offer is that Zororo was able to accompany Mrs H into the chapel, practising safe hygiene protocols and social distancing, where other family members gathered and before returning her safely back to the hospital after the service.
“They were considerate, caring and respectful and I can only highly recommend them to anyone in my position.”

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