Support & training

Franchise support and training

Signing your franchise contract triggers comprehensive support and training programmes, helping you succeed. The Proven Model page describes the three phases to success for a franchise; P1, P2, P3.

P1 is the completion of the 60-day selection process, and this is now complete.

P2 is the support and training Driving Miss Daisy® gives to get you operational and working with your first client. It encompasses Local Authority licensing activities, selecting your first vehicle and initial training.

P3 is going from operational to running a profitable business. This phase is crucial to having a sustainable and viable business and your business plan and will dictate the pace of growth. In addition, support includes business mentoring, marketing, peer support and I.T. systems.

Completion of the initial training programme is the first step for new franchisees. It is comprehensive and covers all aspects of running your business.


Business support

Business support is the framework of systems and ongoing help that underpins your franchise. By the same token, the success of your business will be determined by you, and we are passionate you achieve your goals.



Importantly, Marketing starts the day you sign your contract. Having your initial 90-day marketing plan firmly in place, is essential. This is covered in the initial training programme. The marketing evolves as your business develops, but it is always ongoing. Marketing drives business growth and  supports the achievement of your business plan.


Peer network

The Driving Miss Daisy® franchise network is an integral part of your support framework. Aspects include sharing best practice and helping one another over hurdles. Therefore, fellow franchisees are invaluable; you are not alone!


I.T. systems and support

Above all, I.T. underpins the Driving Miss Daisy® franchise operations. Consequently, training and support in this area helps you run an effective and efficient business. I.T. underpins a professional approach, supporting the winning of new business. Above all, I.T. is key in delivering a consistently high level of customer service.


Support and training

Support and training


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