Support & training

The success of Driving Miss Daisy is built with a two-way relationship; helping each individual franchise succeed helps Driving Miss Daisy as a brand succeed, and vice-versa.

From the moment you have purchased your franchise, our defined support and training process starts, which is broken down into the following stages (as mentioned on the Proven Model page)

P1 – Signing your contract to being operational

This phase encompasses the initial training and business activities, which includes local authority licensing, selecting your first vehicle and the processes required to get you operational in the shortest time possible. The Driving Miss Daisy Director of Operations and Client Services team lead this process and will support you each step of the way.

P2 – Operational to profit

This phase is crucial to having a sustainable and viable business. Your business plan and your commitment will dictate the pace of growth which Driving Miss Daisy support with a variety of business support mechanisms. These include business mentorship , setting up your own social media presence , helping you to produce marketing collateral , peer support , I.T. systems and support , national brand building , and the list goes on!

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