Marketing your Driving Miss Daisy franchise is managed at two levels: local and national.


You will manage the local marketing of your Driving Miss Daisy service and will likely start doing this as soon as you sign the franchise contract and complete training.

The best way to spread the message about your service is to start talking to people about it. This can include going into care homes and doing presentations, speaking to local businesses and even talking to the checkout clerk at the supermarket – everyone knows someone that needs a caring transportation service.


Local marketing can also include managing a Facebook Page specific to your franchise. Our marketing team will set this up and train you on how best to encourage interaction and contact on the social media channel. In addition to a franchise-specific Facebook page, LinkedIn is also a fantastic way to develop professional relationships. Our marketing team have developed a suite of ‘how-to’ guidelines on grammar, imagery, online networking and much more, to help you to use these channels as effectively as possible.

Other key ways our current franchisees market their business locally is by distributing flyers in local doctor’s surgeries, community centres and clubs, as well as attending events in the local area.


Aside from your marketing efforts in the local area, the UK marketing team will support the promotion of your franchise by developing the Driving Miss Daisy brand nationally.

Increasing brand recognition across the UK benefits all franchisees as it enables everyone within the Daisy family to develop key accounts with caregivers, relationships with influential institutions and attract a wide demographic of new clients.

UK brand marketing includes:

  • Managing the Driving Miss Daisy service user website – this is the first port of call for most of our client’s relatives and offers the business a degree of reputability. It also generates a significant number of service user enquiries which are then forwarded to the relevant franchisee by the Client Services team.
  • Designing a suite of marketing collateral that you can use to promote the service in your local area. This includes flyers, posters, presentation boards, etc.
  • Building connections and relationships with complementary brands, institutions and caregivers.
  • Continuing to evolve the Driving Miss Daisy UK Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter presence by keeping these pages up to date with industry news and Driving Miss Daisy client stories from all franchises.
  • Listing Driving Miss Daisy UK on business directory websites.

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