Peer network

Peer network

The peer network of other Driving Miss Daisy® franchisees is a useful source of support and help. They are a good sounding board for ideas, information and inspiration. It saves reinventing the wheel in your business; someone has probably done it before!

Other franchisees will share what works well in their business. Likewise, what doesn’t work so well. Moreover, you learn the smart way of carrying out and growing your business. After all, a lot of franchisees have been operating for a while.

Being part of the peer network, you realise you are not alone. It’s great to connect and share ideas and experiences with others in the same situation.


Peer support communications

There are several ways the peer group connect with one another.

  • Our monthly internal newsletter ‘Daisy Matters’ has contributions from franchisees. These are hints and tips on key aspects of running their business. Key news items about franchises are in the newsletter. It may be news of a new franchise launch, for example. Or it could be congratulations on winning a tender. Similarly, testimonials, stories, pictures and franchise news, keeps us all connected.
  • Meeting fellow franchisees is a great way to get to know one another. You will meet others at training, at a regional get together and at the annual conference.
  • We have a dedicated Franchise Development Group. This consists of operational franchisees representing the UK Driving Miss Daisy® franchise network. They work with Driving Miss Daisy® to feedback ideas and develop successful operating practices.
  • An informal and powerful line of communication is the peer group Facebook Page. Franchisees post questions, ideas, information and general comments on here. It is a private group limited to franchisees and it is a good way to keep in touch with others.
  • Actively connecting with franchisees in your locality is a good way to build business and support one another. You may share jobs to be more efficient; and you can help with holiday cover, illness, for example.
Peer network and support

Peer network and support

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